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A Message from the Heart of UM:

UM's Vision


Bianca has been driven by the same vision since childhood: to spread God's love to the remote and forgotten places of the world. She was also hungry for more knowledge about God. That hunger led her to attend The River Bible Institute and graduate with a Bachelors in Ministry. It was during her time at school that she was introduced to Overland Missions where she had the privilege of being trained by experienced missionaries in Zambia. Now through UM, (working alongside Overland Missions) Bianca is planning to return to Zambia for two years to follow God's call on her life.

Bianca created UM with a big vision that cannot be achieved alone, so with your help, she can go where God has called her. Together we will be able to reach one more person, one more family, and one more community with the transforming power of God's love.

UM's Goals:

  1. To take the Gospel to the most remote and forgotten places of the world.

  2. To be a catalyst of positive change wherever that God leads.

  3. To develop local leaders to continue the work of spreading the gospel in their areas.

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